I WON'T GET BETTER UNTIL I'M HONEST. i have trouble trusting myself. I HATE THAT PEOPLE FORM RELATIONSHIPS FOR GAIN, BUT I DO IT TOO. i can't have my fantasy life, but i can have an amazing one if i stop idealizing. I FANTASIZE THAT ROMANCE WOULD SOLVE MY PROBLEMS. i have evolutionary desires and instincts. i won't be anything better if i don't accept that. i find addiction comforting. i don't like unknown feelings. I DON'T MAKE MUSIC, I CHANNEL IT FROM SOMEWHERE. I FORM NEGATIVE RELATIONSHIPS BECAUSE I FEEL I DESERVE THEM. I CAN'T BE HAPPY WITHOUT OPPOSITION. CONTRAST DIVIDES FEELINGS. I WANT TO DO MORE WITH MY LIFE THAN SEEKING PLEASURE. I WANT TO CREATE. I CAN DESTROY MYSELF THINKING IN ABSOLUTES. my insecurity is just vanity. i can't stop focusing on myself. i don't grow when it's easy all the time. I'M LUCKY TO HAVE THE FLAWS I HAVE.


Videos posted daily to Instagram as a series of simplified journal excerpts. Ideas and meditations that form feelings which become songs. These visual pieces accompany BORING SONGS THAT MAKE YOU SLEEPY